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Peanut Roasting Machine

Tortilla Processing details The clean nixtamal is ground using a system of two matched carved stones; one is stationary and the other rotates at 500-700 rpm. The material is forced into a center opening and into the gap between the stones, and then travels outwards from the center to the perimeter of the stones. The typical stone is 10 cm thick, 40 cm in diameter, and carved radially. The grooves become progressively shallower as they approach the perimeter. For tortilla production, the stones have shallow groves, and the gap between the stones is set to increase the pressure applied, in order to produce a finer masa. During grinding, water is usually added with nixtamal (approximately 6 to 12 L water added for each 100Kg of masa, depending on the grinder capacity); it cools the stones and helps preventing excessive wear, while increases the masa moisture content to the optimum for sheeting. The physical properties and machinability of the dough are directly influenced by the particle size and moisture content. Masa with fine particles and high moisture content is more easily sheeted into a thin layer. OZ STAR MACHINERY http://www.twinoroasters.com/